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Empty cartridges

Are you in Europe? We pay:
- 7 euro per empty cartridge.
- 10 euro for dental and castable empty cartridges.
- Reasonable shipping costs will be paid as well.

Please contact us:

Our range of products enable users to print with lower operating cost and/or special resins.
With the universal cartridge you can save up to 70 euro($76 US) per liter of resin and enjoy all the functionality of the Form 2 and Form 3.

The above video shows how to change the resin type of the cartridge.
This is a simple and straightforward process using our small configurator which runs on windows PC's.

Our cartridge is widely used for production and research by Dental labs, universities, engineering bureaus and hobbyists.


An economically priced module for DIY installation in an existing cartridge.

€69,95 (~$75 US)


This plug & play version of the universal cartridge runs directly out of the box.

No modification needed by the user.

€124,95 (~$135 US)


Cut to size highly scratch resistent optical glass enables recoating of the PDMS layer of Form 2 tanks.

Saving up to 70% operating costs.

€26,95 (~$29 US)

Shipping usually within 3 to 5 days. Fixed shipping costs of €9,95 to most countries world wide.
A manual and link to the configuration software is included in the shipment as well as modification instructions when you buy the DIY module.